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Offering cloud and mobile solutions for tea and coffee plantations

Mobile solution provides proactive management, reduced cost and maximized profit

Agiler "Field to Cloud" services reduce costs for managing plantations.

AgilerMe, mobile service for field data acquisition, is a unique offering which reduces the labor, time, and resources required for critical data acquisition. It eliminates loss of data, malpractices, and labor payroll disputes. Read more


Agiler Tea, Cofee and Multi Crops Business Service

Best suited for tea, cofee and multi crops plantations to run better at affordable costs
  • AGILER is a new-age software developed on current technology and is cloud enabled to provide
    • High time availability
    • Anytime, anywhere secure access to authorized users
    • ‘Pay as you go’ option
  • Powerful, comprehensive, integrated with user-friendly interfaces
  • Can be implemented in days, not years
  • Real time status for all users
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Payroll and Accounting Business Services

Ganini's experienced team offers Payroll, Accounting and Auditing services. The small business owners use our friendly software from anywhere to enter just their invoices and receipts. Ganini experienced staff will process all their transactions. Auditors can reduce their travel to customer place and perform their auditing at their offices. Ganini staff will prepare and file papers.

AgilerMe Mobile Solution

AgilerMe Mobile Service

A mobile solution for tea, coffee and multi crops field data acquisition. Anywhere, anytime access to near real time field activities.
  • the service costs a small fraction of the savings (ROI). ROI is achieved in matter of days due to
    • Better resource utilization by reduction in courier and clerical staffs for collecting and entering field data. The service cost is fraction of the savings
    • Capturing of real time attendance from field. This eliminates the manipulation of green tea weight to absentees and results in big savings
    • Elimination of errors while collecting jobs and weights. This results in fair payment to field laborers
    • Anywhere access to near real time field data provides an opportunity to correct the course during the day.
    • Availability of executive dash board for the fields' and laborers' performances . This enables proactive planning and management.
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